Palafito Verde Apart Hotel has an efficient heating and sanitary hot water system that combines a modern pellet boiler with a system of solar panels located on the roof.
  • We have replaced the amenities with stainless steel dispensers for soap, shampoo and balsam, thus avoiding the generation of plastic waste.
  • We do not change towels unless our passengers expressly request it, to avoid excessive washing of towels and the pollution that this generates.
  • Our laundry has a large drying sector that uses the solar energy and heating of our reception to dry the bedding and towels.
  • All the glass used by our passengers is recycled.
  • All lighting is low consumption with LED technology.
  • We have free exclusive bicycles for our passengers.

We appreciate that during your visit we help preserve the Environment and the immense and diverse Natural Heritage of the Isla Grande de Chiloé.