About Chiloé`s archipielago

The Greater Island of Chiloe is the largest island of South America and culturally one of the most amazing ones. Divided by the gentle peaks of the “cordillera” on the coast, the eastern and western coasts are two separate worlds. To the west is a wilderness of endless beaches, dune habitat and temperate forests, where most of the land is protected by one of Chile´s most beautiful national parks. Towards the east there are many scattered islands that are part of the Chiloe archipelago, protected by storms of the Pacific where you will find a rich traditional culture of farmers, fishermen and craftsmen.

The Jesuit´s transformed these islands, and took them into their responsibility building schools and more than two hundred elegant wooden churches. Sixteen of these are considered a “Historic Monuments” in Chile and since the year 2000, they have been declared “World Heritage” sites by UNESCO. A rich mythology –populated by strange creatures, mermaids, witches, ocean monsters, and mysterious ghost forests- also form part of this immense cultural patrimony that Chiloe possesses.

Currently Chiloe combines a wild and diverse nature with one of the most noticeable traditional cultures in South America. Known also for its seafood, arts and crafts made from wool, wood and fiber and its very welcoming people, Chiloe is also an ideal destination for bike rides, kayaking, fishing and bird watching. (www.cecpan.org).
The city of Castro is characterized for its enormous wooden cathedral, its fleets of yellow fishing boats and its typical wooden houses called “Palafitos” that are built on stilts over the sea. It provides full tourism services, restaurants and travel agencies that offer a variety of interesting interesting expeditions. Additionally there are arts and crafts fairs and a wide variety of rentals available such as cars, bikes, kayaks. There is also a golf course, casinos, discotheques, catamaran rides, and more.

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